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To grow the most nutritious plants, start with your soil.

Compost-making instruction and resources for building wildly fertile soil. 
Learn to upcycle plant litter and food scraps into a living soil powerhouse. 

MASTER Small-batch Thermal Composing

Experience the Power of Handcrafted Compost.
A sustainable soil fertility framework developed by Growers for Growers.

Small-batch composting is staging a comeback; an authentic low-cost way to build soil fertility and cycle organic carbon back into our gardens. Excellent for plant nutrition, outstanding for ecological sustainability!

Like most artisan endeavors, the value of finished compost depends on technique and quality of materials. Our course is designed and tested to help growers achieve superior biological results using upcycled materials and local microbial communities. We'll show you how to raise your own soil microbiome; a diverse team of players adapted to work in your climate. Let's turn your space into an ecological haven for health and productivity.

Grow wild. Eat wild. Be well.

We're passionate about QUALITY COMPOST because we're passionate about HEALTHY FOOD!

At the very base of the organic method lies compost. Compost naturally increases soil fertility by building-up the soil microbiome, boosting organic matter, and adding humus. When soil life is thriving, our plants benefit. They become more resilient, require less water, show better resistance to pests and disease, and optimize nutrient uptake. The advantage to us humans is the superior food quality that results. We will teach you how to produce amazing compost that will deliver these benefits by:

  1. Multiplying locally adapted soil food web populations in the right ratios (boosting microbial communities),
  2. Increasing the microbial diversity of your soil (building functional capacity and resilience), and
  3. Producing humic and fulvic acids (multiplying soil nutrients).

We use a microscope to assess compost progress and outcomes but we understand that not everyone has this equipment. We've learned through experience and rigorous testing that reliable processes deliver exceptional biological outcomes with or without real-time microscope oversight. Our methods are designed to help you succeed. Every. Single. Time.

Featured Course: Goal-directed Thermal Composting

Self-paced. Outcome-driven. Engaging. 

Our course is ideal for any holistic grower who wants to build a range of skills in regenerative agriculture or healthy food production. Making your own thermal compost is valuable work but it doesn't have to be complicated. Simplify your path to success with our step-by-step instructions, easy to use templates, and clearly-defined procedures; all the knowledge and tools you'll need to make really good compost! Read on...

Boost Soil Fertility... Naturally

We specialize in rapid-cycle thermal composting without requiring animal products or manures to achieve superior outcomes. Our small-batch method utilizes renewable inputs and local microbial communities to achieve a powerfully dynamic amendment that nurtures the soil holistically. An efficient low cost fertility system that gets better over time.


Improve all Growing Conditions 

Whether you're growing in containers, raised beds, high tunnels, or rows, we've learned that the demand for living soil can be met under all these conditions. A high-quality compost amendment is the fastest way to build healthy soil. Period. Year-over-year we've observed improvement in fruit/vegetable quality and yield by using quality compost as our "go-to" soil amendment. No more taking on the work and expense of applying fertilizers that do more harm than good.


Take Lab Testing Off Your Plate

We've done it for you! We understand that not everyone has a microscope or the ability to commercially test finished compost. Our program has been validated for quality and reliability using microscope and chemistry testing. The best way to determine the ROI of any composting effort is to validate that the microbiome is diversifying and thriving and humus levels are rising; this is what we do. Follow our composting process and you will succeed. 


Turn-key Learning

Onsite composting is one of the highest leverage activities any grower can do. Small-batch production for quality is far more valuable than truckloads of mediocre material. The process doesn't have to be complicated or messy. We've converted our knowledge & experience into a "how-to" guide that mentors you through what you need to know and how to execute successfully. 



Resources to Get You Started:

Compost Site Selection


Collecting & Storing Inputs


Must Have Equipment


Picture of the Week

There's no Education like Adversity.

 Thankfully (and somewhat surprisingly) the extreme low temps in mid November didn't translate into much loss in our high tunnel. All lettuce varieties and other winter greens are thriving. These rotational cold season plants will nourish our plate this winter while at the same time building-up the soil for another high intensity spring/summer grow season.

Of course these cabbages will not fully head-up this winter. This is an experiment to see, 1) can they survive winter in a "partial" growth state and, 2) after winter dormancy, will certain varieties spring back for a very early harvest (eg before tomatoes go in) without going to seed first. Fingers crossed... 

High tunnel with a variety of winter greens growing in healthy soil.

As you close out this season remember, success begins in your soil. The best time to start improving is right now!

We help growers build composting knowledge and skills to rapidly improve natural soil fertility. Good compost heals damaged soils by building-up the microbiome, increasing organic matter, and adding humus. Upcycling food scraps and local renewable resources is central to what we do. If you want to grow better plants, start with your soil.


Learn How to Build a Soil Fertility System

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