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Skillfully raise your own soil microbiome and restore biological diversity in your soil.

What you can expect from this course

There is a great deal of composting information online, in books, and tucked into various other instructional programs. I've engaged with a lot of this info over the journey. The most valuable, at least from my point of view, is the Dr Elaine's Soil Food Web School where I originally learned how to compost the right way. Aside from this comprehensive program, I find the abundance of written information helpful... but complicated and incomplete. None of it took us by the arm to say "just do this" and you will increase your chance of success. This is what we aim to do for you. 

For organic growers, onsite thermal composting is one of the highest leverage activities available; it pays back. In our operation, we've observed accelerating improvements in fruit/vegetable yield and overall ecosystem health. Our composting methods have been validated using biological and chemistry testing to get the production details right. Our course is designed to go lighter on "academics" and heavy on practical application and tools; a systematic how-to guide for the production of wildly fertile soil amendments. 

You can find theoretical information on composting just about anywhere. We fill in the blanks on the practical steps of actually doing high-quality compost work by hand. 

Key Learning Objectives:

Compost, a practical and reliable soil fertility system.

We bring years of thermal composting experience directly to you through our virtual course. Done right, biological compost can be the single most important fertility factor in any grow system.

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