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inSoil Health Compost Program Overview

InSoil Health specializes in small-batch thermal compost. For growers seeking that elusive "off-ramp" from chemical fertilizer dependency, we offer compost-making instruction and resources to help you make your way. Our techniques align with Nature. Our goal is to speed-up the natural pathways towards sustainable soil fertility and microbiome-mediated nutrient management. The most regenerative way to grow.

Animal-based inputs and manures aren't necessary to achieve superior compost outcomes. We're mindful that many growers, ourselves included, don't have easy access to high-quality manures. We've analyzed our plant-based compost and compared outcomes to compost that we ourselves produced using animal manures. Biological and chemistry test results are comparable. Access to animal manure is therefore not a constraint to the production of high-quality compost. Just like any artisan endeavor, the value of compost is driven by both technique and materials used. Sourcing quality inputs, whether animal or plant-based, is key to compost quality. We find that some of the best renewable plant-based resources can found on our own land, or within our social circles nearby. Upcycling is central to what we do.

Small-batch by design, our process yields about 1-2 cubic yards of finished compost. The net total can be easily scaled-up if so desired (and if you have enough input materials in the right ratios). Production can generally be completed, and compost ready for use, in one month's time from start to finish. With proper protection and maintenance, finished piles can be stored and used over the course of one year. 

Our compost methods are designed for onsite "by-hand" production. We work to maximize onsite capture and storage of renewables and minimize the shuttling of inputs to separate locations for processing and distribution. Once production is complete, compost piles can be maintained in place and used all season long. The value-add applications are manifold; from compost extract/teas to amending beds and making custom potting soils, we spread the soil love around. Compost done right, is a renewable low-cost fertility solution that growers can tap into when needed, as needed. When you run out, make more!

All who consume plants grown in healthy living soil benefit from the exceptional nutrient-density and outstanding flavors. We know from current medical evidence on gut health that our food offers so much more than just vitamins and minerals. Food also enhances the mutual connection between soil ecology and human gut ecology. Raw whole-foods and minimally processed wild fermentations (like sauerkraut) are a major source of beneficial microorganisms that inhabit our gut and positively impact our health and wellbeing. 


Learn how to upcycle your plant litter and food scraps into a living soil amendment.

Our course provides all the knowledge and tools you need to successfully produce high-quality biological compost.

InSoil Health Newsletter: VIBES

An insiders's view into our regenerative work, quality data, courses and educational offerings. Goal-directed compost systems developed by GROWERS for GROWERS.


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