InSoil Health Courses


TOP SKILLS you will GAIN from taking THIS COURSE:

  1. Know-how for effectively storing/managing renewable green waste and upcycled food scraps for use in small-batch thermal composting.

  2. Competence to speed-up natural decomposition by mobilizing indigenous microbiology and setting-up food sources that promote SOIL FOOD WEB DIVERSITY.

  3. Ability to simplify the Brown/Green and C:N complexities for assembling compost inputs in the right ratios and hitting thermal thresholds without going under or over.

  4. Power to optimize conditions within your compost for steady microbial growth & faster production of HUMIC and FULVIC ACIDS. 

  5. Confidence to collect/leverage data to favorably influence the performance of your compost, boosting quality and value of your finished product.

  6. Continuous capacity to GROW SMARTER! Once you have the composting know-how and production system in place, the sky's the limit for boosting productivity and minimizing exposure to ongoing supply chain risks. Quality compost is a renewable amendment that steadily reduces your need for fertilizers and pesticides and regenerates soil health naturally. BOOYAH!

INCLUDED in the Purchase of THIS COURSE:

  • Step-by-step instruction for planning, building, and managing a small-batch thermal compost system designed to deliver on quality 
  • 10 digital downloads including tools and templates to simplify the tasks of thermal compost production and to keep you on track 
  • Guidance on plant-only compost production for those that don't have access to quality farm manures or prefer not to use animal products in their composting system
  • Demonstrations on the techniques we've learned in our own onsite operation to integrate and improve composting efficiency for busy growers
  • 3 case studies demonstrating real-world compost production outcomes 
  • Ongoing access to the virtual course for one year from the date of purchase including all digital downloads, any newly added modules or updated content, and any case studies that may have completed and released
  • BONUS! Compost Extracts: the "why's" and "how's" of tapping your finished compost for liquid extract amendments 
PURCHASE! Thermal Composting For Holistic Growers